Based in one of our arches next to our site cafe, FieldWorks Gallery opened in March 2017. Accessible during the earlier stages where work is being completed and installed, the gallery sets out to expose viewers to the process as well as the outcome, creating a more intimate dialogue between artist and audience.

FieldWorks provides an environment for experimentation in medium, ranging across installation, performance, video work, painting, sculpture and fashion.

The space is also available to hire for events, parties and exhibitions. Please email for further enquiries.


Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm
For special events and late night openings click HERE.

Call, I shall Listen

07.09.17 - 30.09.17

A tiered installation which performs both as a text- and material-based choreography. Nelimarkka works across painting, writing and spatial configuration, investigating materiality, time and language as ephemeral instabilities; arts and sciences merge into fleeting experiences and interactive places relating to one another and proceed as constellations and parallels. 



Going Inside or How to Get Over Yourself
cecilia granara

10.08.17 - 31.10.17

When contemplating a canvas, we are absorbed by colour, an alternative reality opening up to us. In Cecilia Granara’s paintings, the exercise of looking is all the more profound as it meets a moment of meditation. The names of the different series of paintings are indicators— Women doing Yoga, Meditation Series, Invisible Forces— that we are dealing here with questions of reflection and introspective research. One meditates to arrive at a certain peacefulness, or to feel in communion with divine forces, the cosmos, or even—in fact most of all— to change one’s point of view. The characters she represents are somehow immersed in themselves, inviting us to join them. The thinker is a transmitter.

Installation shot, Sol Bailey Barker, 2017. Mixed media, 150cm x 170cm.jpg

Sol Bailey-Barker

22.06.17 - 03.08.17

Sol Bailey-Barker is a British multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture and performance. His works fuse historical and sociological research with an inquiry into the power and symbolism of materials, tools and everyday objects. Informed by archeology, geometry, mythology and a diverse range of contemporary and ancient spiritual practices, through his work  Sol Bailey-Barker seeks to re-consider history from a non-colonial perspective.


maximilian klawitter

11.05.17 - 08.06.17

For its second exhibition, Maximilian Klawitter produced a new full body of work while living in London throughout the winter of 2016. Framed by his everyday experiences, Klawitter used the TFL to present us with an examination of public transport and the levels of intimate interactions in this somewhat void space.





Bea bonafini

20.04.17 - 04.05.17

For its opening exhibition, FieldWorks artist-in-residence and recent Royal College of Art graduate, Bea Bonafini transformed the gallery into a quasi-domestic habitat, combining both comfort and pleasure. With anthropomorphic objects’ promise of intimacy, the personalisation of function becomes a new way of living.